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DiSC® Personal Profile System Online Reports (PPSS General Characteristics reports)

A Personalized Description and Success Strategies from the DiSC Personal Profile System® by Inscape Publishing

DiSC PPS General Characteristics Report

DiSC PPSS Personal Profile System Software General Characteristics Report

You can take the Expanded In-depth DiSC Personal Profile System Software Version (PPSS) online and get instant results. Receive a report describing a personalized description and success strategies from the Personal Profile System. The basic report targets your general behavioral and personality characteristics, which includes our strengths; your behavioral overview; motivating factors; preferred environment; things you tend to avoid; strategies to increase your effectiveness and success; factors that reduce your motivation; insight about your behaviors in conflict situations; a detailed continuum of 32 behaviors and coaching and action planning questions. You can also add additional sections to target managing and selling strategies and styles.

Note: If you want more than one additional category added to the General Characteristics Report, our basic in-depth DiSC Profile report, you will need choose the  "Continue Shopping" button on the next page to return to this page and then use the "Additional Category" button below. (Sorry for the confusing process, it is a limitation of my programming ability. If this is too confusing please call us and we will take you order over the phone or coach you through this process. Thank you for your understanding).
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View sample reports.   General Characteristics Sample Report

DiSC PPSS (Personal Profile System  Software) General Characteristics Report  

Min Quantity Max Quantity Net Price    
1 4 $49.95  
5 9 $44.50  
10 24 $43.35 Free EPIC Account for administering online profiles, a $100 value on orders over 10. This account is optional. If you don't want it you will receive separate emails each containing an individual access code. If you have an EPIC account and need EPIC Credits click here.
25 99 $42.75  
100 249 $38.85  
250 499 $35.85  
500 999 $34.35    Contact us for quotes on larger orders or go to EPIC Credits for PPSS.

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Below are additional categories you can add to the

General Characteristics Report

Additional Categories

View sample reports

To add one additional category to the General Characteristics Report click to first button below.  To add more categories after that click the second "Additional Categories" button.


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Additional Categories

Add additional categories for expanded details for $12/category contact us for quantity discounts


A. Creating a Positive Relationship

B. Relating to People and Their Environment

C. How They Manage Others Report

D. Strategies for Managing the Person

E. Managing In a Sales Environment

F. Natural Approach to Selling

Contact us by phone or email if you want to order these reports.
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